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Stampede Offers Lease Deal On Sony Video Conferencing

Amherst, N.Y – Stampede, a distributor of professional
audio/video solutions, has a new lease program for Sony Video Conferencing
products with lower pricing.

“We are offering a quality Sony Video Conferencing system
starting at less than $100 a month,” said Eric Murphy, visual communications group
VP at Stampede. “Video conferencing has never been more affordable.  If a company has been thinking about getting
on board with this incredible cost-saving and productivity-boosting technology,
now is the time to do it.”

The base model in the lease program is the PCS-G50 at $99 a
month. The five-year lease also includes a five-year service and support contract
and the offer of a $1 buyout.

new Sony lease program pricing will be valid until Dec. 31. Contact Stampede
for exclusive pricing.