Stampede Adds More Online Training Courses


Amherst, N.Y. - Stampede Presentation Products, a value-added distributor of pro A/V solutions, has added an integrated series of online courses to its Stampede University training curriculum.

The distributor said it makes Stampede the first pro A/V distributor to offer online courses to its dealers at times that meet each dealer's unique requirements.

In addition, Stampede president/COO Kevin Kelly said that the university is now offering new categories of courses to address the larger business issues confronting today's dealer, including mergers and acquisitions and new market development.

According to Kelly, Stampede University's training programs now include more business-oriented courses, including courses on transitions and mergers and acquisitions, as well as a consulting program designed to help residential dealers develop commercial markets and vice versa. And many of these courses will now be available online 24/7/365 to allow learners to proceed at their own pace and on their own schedule.

These new course offerings come in addition to Stampede University's already substantial collection of dealer and integrator learning aids found on the website, the distributor said. These include training materials in the form of webinars, how-to videos, white papers and other media that cover A/V technology from video walls to distance-learning technology, and represent large numbers of major equipment manufacturers, including Hitachi, Sharp, Vukunet, InFocus, NEC and Samsung.  


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