SRS Unveils Audio Solution For 3DTVs

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Santa Ana, Calif. -

SRS Labs

introduced Thursday its CircleCinema 3D advanced audio solution for 3D HDTV systems.

CircleCinema 3D is said to be the first audio solution designed exclusively at SRS' Advanced Rendering Lab (ARL).

The company said that to deliver 3D audio, ARL engineers equipped CircleCinema 3D with the ability to render "an immersive three-dimensional soundstage utilizing a combination of state-of-the-art SRS surround and adaptive tuning technologies."

This is said to deliver a more immersive and wider surround with a more natural positioning of audio for both 2D and 3D content.

"Having the opportunity to enjoy a theater-like 3D experience in the home is quickly capturing the imagination of people everywhere," stated Allen H. Gharapetian, SRS Labs marketing VP. "Nevertheless, it's immediately apparent that a stunning 3D picture needs to be accompanied by equally stunning 3D audio, so we took the challenge seriously and came up with a new approach to bring realistically natural 3D audio to our TV manufacturing partners and make it possible for them to deliver on the promise of the true in-home three-dimensional entertainment experience."

SRS said its Advanced Rendering Lab is "dedicated to developing a series of new audio solutions geared to go well beyond traditional surround sound producing 3D audio as remarkably vivid as 3D video."

SRS CircleCinema 3D is the first in a planned series of solutions targeting 3D televisions and is available for immediate deployment from several leading SoC platform providers.

Several DTV SoC providers, including Broadcom Corporation, Cirrus Logic and MediaTek, will support and implement CircleCinema 3D, the company said A recent industry study conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association estimated 4.5 million 3D TVs will ship by the end of 2010.


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