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Sprint Adding Wi-Fi Calling

Overland Park, Kan. – Sprint will begin offering free Wi-Fi calling, text messaging and MMS messaging to users of select smartphones over existing home, office and public Wi-Fi networks.

The service is available to subscribers who install an over-the-air update on their Samsung Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 Mini smartphones. The update will be pushed automatically to the phones during the next few weeks.

Sprint will expand Wi-Fi calling to additional devices in 2014.

The service will improve in-home and in-building coverage in areas with “challenging network conditions,” and voice calling and messaging will be unlimited for all domestic calls, the carrier said. Regular CDMA international rates will apply to international calls.

Once users download the update, installation will take a few minutes, the carrier said. To activate service, users go to the apps folder and select the Wi-Fi Calling icon.