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Spotliter App Offers Mobile Touch Video Effects

New York – A new iPhone/iPod Touch app called Spotliter launched Wednesday, enabling the application of sophisticated imaging effects to videos as they are recorded.

Designed by web-tech developer Netomat, the app’s effects are triggered by tapping, pinching, swiping or sliding fingers on the mobile device’s screen.

Touch effects and filters are said to be “unique, and not available on any other iPhone video recording app.”

Spotliter, for example, enables users to add a zoom feature (Magnify) to a friend’s face in a video, or change a specific object from black and white to color (B&W2Color) while recording the actual video, the company said.

The Spotliter app is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

The company said new generation of interactive video effects, called touch effects, will allow iPhone users to tap, slide or pinch their fingers on the camera screen to “spotlite” specific areas of the video being recorded.

 When users select an effect, a message briefly appears on the viewfinder telling them which touch actions can be used with that effect. 

Spotliter features 12 “unique effects” for high-definition videos, including Magnify, Freeze, B&W2Color and Searchlight, which were found to be the most popular with beta users.

 Kris Ramanathan, CEO and co-founder, said, “Our goal for Spotliter was to make a video camera app that offered powerful, sophisticated effects yet was very simple and intuitive to use.  We wanted the user’s first reaction to be ‘yeah, this is how a touchscreen video camera should work.’  It was also extremely important to us that the touch effects themselves were not only fun but truly useful in helping people tell their stories in their own particular ways.”

Among the apps capabilities are the following:

•  B&W2Color spotlights an object in the frame in color while the rest of the screen appears black and white, simply by tapping on object and swiping a finger as it moves.

•  Magnify enlarges a selected area of an image.

•  Freeze freezes just a selected action in the frame by tapping on it while the rest of the screen continues in regular motion.