Spotify Launch Includes Select Home Audio Devices

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Internet music-streaming service that launched today in the U.S. is available through select home audio devices from Onkyo, Sonos, and Logitech.

 Spotify is also available through PCs and Android- and iOS-based smartphones and tablets.

 Sonos said the wireless multi-room-audio systems now in homes in the U.S. have been updated to access the U.S. Spotify service, and Onkyo announced the availability today of firmware updates that enable its 2011 networked A/V receivers to access the service.

 For its part, Logitech said its tabletop Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch Internet radios now stream Spotify.

 All three company's products, like any non-PC home device that accesses Spotify, stream only Spotify's $9.99/month paid service, not the company's ad-supported free service or a $4.99/month ad-free service. Both of those services are available only through PCs.

At least one other CE company, Motorola Mobility, is participating in the Spotify launch in another way. As Spotify's exclusive mobile device and tablet partner, Motorola plans to launch a number of marketing campaigns in the coming weeks with special Spotify deals for its customers, a spokesperson said.

"We are also collaborating with Spotify on device integration but do not have specifics to share on that front yet."

Spotify lets users choose the individual songs they want to stream on-demand from a library of more than 13 million songs, including songs from the big four music companies. The premium service also lets users add songs from their own music libraries for streaming.

Spotify offers three service tiers. A free ad-supported service is accessible only via computer, providing up to 20 hours of listening per month. For now, the free service is available without monthly time limits as part of an invite-only introductory offer, and the regular free service will be available in a few weeks, a spokesperson told TWICE.

A step-up service eliminates the ads and time limits for $4.99/month but is also limited to the PC. The $9.99/month Spotify Premium service provides ad-free access via PC, smartphone, and tablet. It also delivers higher quality audio streams, exclusive content, and special offers.

Spotify has more than 10 million registered users and more than 1.6 million paying subscribers in seven European countries.


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