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Spider Holster Ships Black Widow System

Ithaca, N.Y. – Innovative camera accessories developer Spider
Holster introduced this week its Black Widow Holster designed to let entry to
mid-level d-SLR owners carry their cameras around on a specially configured and
secure belt clip.

Spider Holster was started by professional photographer Shai
Eynav, who developed the SpiderPro holster system to help pros and advanced
amateurs more easily carry heavy professional-level gear around on assignments.


Black Widow

adds similar benefits and functionality to the original Pro, but was
designed for lighter model cameras that can be carried on a belt mount keeping
the photographer’s hands free. It is also available at a significantly lower
price than the original product.

The new camera holster is said to be a comfortable and secure
solution that ensures quick-draw access.

Besides entry-level d-SLRs, the system can be used with camcorders,
and other small-body cameras such as point-and-shoot, micro four thirds, and
other mirrorless interchangeable lens models.

Spider Holster said the Black Widow eliminates the neck, shoulder
and back strain caused by cameras dangling from traditional neck straps or
shoulder bags.

Using the unusual belt-clip system, a camera slides into place on
the photographer’s hip for quick and easy access when needed.

The built-in locking mechanism emits and an audible click when
the camera is secure. 

The Black Widow Camera Holster comes packaged with the required Spider
Pin that attaches directly to the camera’s tripod mount or to an accessory
Black Widow Plate.

 Photographers with quick-release
tripod plates will find fluid movement, while the camera lens is always pointed
away from the ground. This gives the wearer greater freedom of natural movement
for kneeling, sitting down, or climbing stairs without having the camera bump
the ground.

“Too often photographers miss the perfect shot because they’re
rooting through bags for their point-and-shoot or they didn’t pack their d-SLR
because it was too cumbersome,” said Eynav, Spider Holster president. “With the
Black Widow Camera Holster, the camera stays put at the photographer’s hip,
providing maximum comfort while ensuring that the user is in the best possible
position to capture life’s memorable moments. The success of the SpiderPro
proved the merits of our design concept and the Black Widow will allow a new
audience of casual shooters and photography enthusiasts to comfortably carry
their camera to places they never would have thought possible before.”

The Spider Holster Black Widow can comfortably hold up to up to 4
pounds worth of camera/lenses.

The company recommends:

* Cameras weighing 2 pounds or less can be worn on the user’s own

* Cameras weighing 2-4
should be worn using the Black Widow Holster with the optional Black Widow

* Cameras weighing more than 5 pounds should be used with the
more advanced Professional “Spider Pro System.” This is an all-metal design
targeted to professional photographers who regularly carry heavy gear.

New accessory items launching with the Black Widow include: a Black
Widow Belt that complements the holster’s light-weight design, and a Black
Widow Pad, which is a comfortable, cushioned extension of the belt that provides
a resting place for the camera against the user’s body.

 The Spider Holster Black
Widow Camera Holster carries a $50 suggested retail price. The Black Widow Belt
and the Black Widow Plate are available for $16 each.

 Additional Black Widow
Pins can be purchased for $8 and the Black Widow Pad will retail for $9.

Spider Holster is now selling the Black Widow through retail
partners across the country and directly from its web site.