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Spectra Readies Jensen iPad Speaker System

Chicago –

Spectra Merchandising

, becoming the
first company to unveil an iPad-docking speaker system, announced plans for fourth-quarter
shipment of a Jensen-brand model at a suggested $99.99.

Other companies, including


are expected to offer their first iPad speaker systems in the second half as

The Jensen JiPS-250i will also
accept iPods and iPhones because they and the iPad use the same 30-pin
connector, which will deliver iPad/iPod/iPhone-stored video to a connected TV
via the speaker’s composite-video output.

Like a growing number of
iPod/iPhone docks, the JiPS-250i will accept a free app to deliver additional
speaker-system features. Spectra’s app will add Internet radio, weather
information, alarm clock with a variety of wake/sleep settings, voice-message
calendar, custom EQ settings and subscription-based Play Anywhere service,
which lets users access their personal music collections via the Internet.

The system takes the form of a speaker
tube with side-firing speakers and adjustable holder that rotates the iPad into
portrait and landscape modes and angles the iPad up to 55 degrees to enable
easy use of the iPad’s virtual keyboard.

The system also features 2×2.5-watt
output, remote and aux-in jack to connect an iPod Shuffle, other-brand MP3
player, laptops, portable game devices and the like.

The device is certified as Works
with iPhone, given that as of April 15, suppliers applying for Apple
certification of new docking speakers must include Works with iPhone
capability, Spectra said.

“With the big
success of iPad’s launch, having already sold more than 2 million units in the
first 60 days alone, Apple has proven to have another winner,” said marketing
VP Kirk Lamb. “The accessory market for the iPad, including speaker systems,
should continue to add fuel to the iPod/iPhone/iPad accessory fire.”

Spectra, he
said, “has made it a top priority to be one of the first to ship this new
product category to market.”

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