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Spectra Expands Bluetooth Speakers, Adds Lightning Dock

LAS VEGAS – Spectra Merchandising International is bringing multiple Jensen-brand audio products to CES, including the brand’s first iPod/iPhone-docking product with Apple’s new Lightning connector.

Other new products include an expanded selection of Bluetooth speakers, the brand’s first Bluetooth clock radio, and a high-power iPod/iPhone docking boombox.

The selection of Bluetooth speakers will grow from five at the end of 2012 to 10 or more at International CES, the company said.

The speaker with Lightning connector is the $99-suggested JiMS-500i docking clock radio with FM tuner, 1-amp USB port to charge mobile devices, aux input, dual alarms, remote and blue illuminated accent lighting that shines down from an overhang.

The five Bluetooth speakers, priced from $69 to $149, include a tabletop speaker, two AC/DC portable models. a Bluetooth clock radio and a Bluetooth tower speaker.

The $69 JBD-100 Bluetooth clock radio, shipping in April at a suggested $69, and the AC/DC JBD-420 Bluetooth boombox, due at an unspecified date at $119, incorporate FM stereo, aux input, and 1-amp USB port for charging a device. The JBD-100 adds hands-free speakerphone, dual alarms and crescendo alarm. The JBD-420 boombox offers built-in carrying handle, 1-amp USB port and a retractable MicroUSB connector on top to charge cellphones.

The Bluetooth tower speaker is the $149-suggested SMPS-1000, which delivers stereo sound via two speakers and a 24-watt subwoofer. The stereo speakers are driven by 2×8-watt amp.

The tower speaker is available now with blue digital display, slender design, FM tuner, RCA input jack, aux line jack and 24-watt subwoofer.

Two other Bluetooth speakers are the AC/DC SMPS-625 at $69 and the DC SMPS-665 at $79. Both are shipping.

The SMPS-625 and SMPS-665 feature aux input capabilities, hands-free speakerphone capability, bass-blaster speaker, digital volume control and 1-amp USB port to charge mobile devices. The circularshaped SMPS-625 features rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The SMPS-665 is a stationary speaker with piano- finish cabinet.

In iPod/iPhone-docking AC/DC boomboxes, Spectra is showing the $199 Jensen JiSS-700i, whose design is said to be urban-inspired. It features frontloading iPhone/iPod dock with 30-pin connector, toploading CD player with CD-R/MP3 capability, and FM stereo tuner. Other features include multifunction blue backlit display, aux input, carrying handle and remote control.