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Special Line Marks Denon Centennial

Mahwah, N.J.

— Denon is celebrating its 100th anniversary
with a limited-edition series of seven hand-tuned audio
products that will be available worldwide Nov. 1 through 40
hand-picked dealers in the U.S.

All products were designed “to capture the essence of Denon
and its ongoing mission,” said Bob Weissburg, Americas
sales and marketing president for Denon parent D&M Holdings.
The products showcase the brand’s “design integrity
engineering heritage” and the company’s century-old legacy
of innovation and craftsmanship,” company literature added.

Sales of the anniversary collection will be supported by a
“100 days of Denon” consumer promotion that begins Oct. 1.

Denon will team with the 40 U.S. dealers to create “a
unique marketing campaign to drive consumers” to stores
“through advertising, contests, giveaways and in-store
events,” the company said.

The 100th anniversary dealers were selected based on
their commitment to a
minimum set of merchandising
which Denon
will reward with
stepped-up support.

Because worldwide
production quantities
will be limited, Denon
limited the number of
authorized brick-andmortar
and on-line dealers.
The company will
also limit the availability
of the headphones, turntable and cartridge to 12 months,
with the remaining products available for only six months.