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SpeakerCraft Expands Selection

SpeakerCraft introduced its second distributed-audio keypad system, an upgraded line of pivoting in-ceiling speakers, its first digital (Class D) distributed-audio amp, and its first powered in-wall subwoofer, complementing an in-ceiling model. All ship in the fourth quarter.

Like the company’s touchscreen-based in-wall Control Stations, the new EZ Pad keypad system controls home systems such as lighting and HVAC, not just audio equipment. The system controls IR and RS-232 systems and features discrete on/off commands. The keypads feature field-configurable hard keys.

EZ Pad consists of a $120-suggested master keypad, a $40 numeric keypad, a $40 function keypad, and a $400 controller that delivers eight-source, six-zone functionality. Adding additional controllers expands the zone count up to 24.

The new in-ceiling speakers build on the AIM series launched three years ago. Like the AIM speakers, they feature a pivoting woofer and a concentric-mounted tweeter that also pivots, directing sound to the listener for home theater and distributed-audio applications. The speakers mount flush to the ceiling, with no components protruding down.

The speakers, priced from $400 to $1,500/pair, offer 8-inch woofers compared to AIM’s 6-inch woofers without increasing baffle size or mounting depth. A new WavePlane better directs high frequencies to the listening area.

The new distributed-audio amp, the 12×65-watt $2,250-suggested DBB-1265, uses efficient Class D technology to reduce size to 4.5-inches-high, or about half the height of conventional amps with the same power rating, the company claimed.

The in-wall powered sub at an expected $1,500 each features 10-inch woofer, flush appearance, outboard 150-watt amp, wooden enclosure for new construction and retrofit option.