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Speaker Balls Sold By The Pair

Bellingham, Wash. — French speaker maker Cabasse is shipping its big-ball La Sphere speakers by the pair at $150,000.

The speakers, marketed in North America by Bellingham-based St. John Group, use a spherical 27.6-inch enclosure to enhance rigidity, eliminate internal standing waves and eliminate diffraction effects. They’re also said to be the world’s first coaxial point-source speaker that uses four coaxially mounted drivers to deliver smooth off-axis response over a wide area.

The speaker pair features a 22-inch woofer, an 8-inch low-midrange driver, a 5-inch midrange and a 1.2-inch dome tweeter. A four-way digital active crossover network included in the price provides “perfect time alignment and frequency response both on and off axis,” the company added. The price also includes delivery and complete setup and room calibration by Cabasse engineers.