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Soundmatters Setting Stage For More 1-Box Sound Systems

San Francisco — Soundmatters has expanded its portfolio of single-piece, home-theater sound systems to two new models and has launched its first compact stand-alone subwoofer.

The products will replace the company’s original single-piece sound system, the MAINstage, whose street price has been reduced to $249, from $329, before a $50 rebate available through May 31.

The new portfolio includes a step-up MAINstage HD at $349 street price, the $299 Dialog+ and the $299 SubStage 100 compact subwoofer, said marketing VP Lee Adams. MAINstage HD and SubStage are due early May, and the Dialog+ is due in June.

The single-piece sound systems extract and reproduce spatial information from mono, stereo, Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital sources. They widen and deepen the sound stage and provide ambient surround effects. In rooms with walls on each side of the TV, the system delivers discrete sounds to the left and right of the listening position. Discrete surround channels can also be heard from a near-field listening position of three feet to nine feet from the device.

The single-piece MAINstage HD doubles the power of the original MAINstage to 80 watts RMS, provides upgraded speakers, and improves voice intelligibility through Dialog+ new drivers and a 6dB boost in the 1kHz to 6kHz frequency range. It delivers a deeper three-dimensional image; reduces signal-to-noise ratio by 20dB; and adds front-panel controls, wall-mount capability and rear-channel output to add powered rear speakers or a rear MAINstage to create a 6.1-channel system. It comes with an IR remote.

For smaller rooms, the $299 Dialog+ will deliver 40 watts RMS like the original MAINstage but adds the upgraded drivers and 1kHz-6kHz boost to enhance dialog intelligibility. It will also come with remote and subwoofer output but will lack rear-channel output and front-panel controls.

Either system can be paired with a flat-panel-style subwoofer that runs flat to 35Hz, features a flat 8-inch by 16.7-inch by 4.05-inch shape, and incorporates 100-watt Class D amp. It can be tucked under a couch, mounted on an optional pedestal or wall-mounted with an optional kit.

The new products were due last year, but software issues and parts shortages delayed the launch.

Consumers who purchase the MAINstage HD and SUBstage100 as a bundle called FULLstage will pay $100 less than if they bought them a la carte.

“MAINstage is designed for consumers who want to enjoy rich, full-bodied audio without cluttering up a room with speakers and cables,” added Adams. “From the dorm room to the den, the kitchen and the bedroom, MAINstage epitomizes Soundmatters’ commitment to make unique, great-sounding products that are affordable, simple to use and easy to enjoy,” said Adams.

The producers were designed by long-time audio designer and a/d/s/ founder Dr. Godehard Guenther.