Sound ID Bows App-Driven Bluetooth Headset


Mountain View, Calif. - Sound ID  unveiled its app-enhanced 510 Bluetooth headset, which will become available through AT&T stores beginning June 6.

The Works With iPhone-certified 510 is optimized for Sound ID's new Earprint iPhone app. The app, available free from the iTunes App Store, enables iPhone users to customize sound settings to their own hearing preferences and control sound quality on both sides of the call.

The app's Personal Sound feature allows a user to drag an icon across the phone's screen during a call to adjust sound quality or enhance listening levels. The user stops dragging when the audio sounds best and the setting is automatically saved.

The headset features Sound ID's 3X NoiseNavigation, a fine scale noise-canceling algorithm and sound-processing feature that helps eliminate background noise. It is delivered through three internal microphones. The 510's Environmental mode amplifies surrounding sound through adjustable Surround and Focused modes. This allows clear conversations between calls in different sound environments without having to remove the headset.

The 510 also features touch-sensor volume adjustment, an on/off switch that helps to conserve battery life and eliminate pocket dialing, and multi-point technology that lets users securely connect with two Bluetooth-enabled phones and answer or originate calls on either phone.

Battery life is more than five hours of talktime and 135 hours of standby time, according to the company, and is displayed on a visual battery-level indicator. A Find Me control helps locate a misplaced headset with a press the icon. The iPhone and the headset emit a beeping sound until located.

Sound ID CEO and president Michael Jones told TWICE that while A2DP technology is not included yet, a firmware upgrade will be available immediately after launch. Jones also shared plans for versions of the Earprint app for Blackberry and Android 2.0 phones to debut in August.

"Sound ID strives to develop the most advanced Bluetooth products on the market, and we think the 510 paired with the new Sound ID EarPrint app for iPhone users sets a new standard," said Jones. "On its own, the 510 has excellent audio and noise-reduction capabilities and is extremely comfortable. The 510 can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, but when used with the EarPrint app, it delivers new levels of personalization and convenience for iPhone users."

The Sound ID 510 will be available for $129 at AT&T stores nationwide and at

. It ships with a small universal AC travel charger, USB charging cable, clip holster carrying case, three sizes of RealComfort EarLoops and an ear hook for an alternative over-the-ear wearing option.

The Sound ID EarPrint app will be available free from the App Store for iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3G and iPhone at



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