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Soul Electronics Presents Awards To Wayman, Huppin’s

Lake Mary, Fla. – Soul
Electronics, manufacturer of the Soul by Ludacris headphones line, gave two
awards during International CES last month.

The first, Soul Man of
the Year, was given to industry vet and CES founder Jack Wayman. The second, Soul
Retailer of the Year, was presented to Huppin’s.

“Jack’s lifelong
commitment to the consumer electronics industry, an industry that means so much
to so many people and so many generations, has made him the obvious choice for
our inaugural Soul Man of the Year Award,” said Bob Bonefant, founder of Soul

Huppin’s owner Murray
Huppin accepted the award during CES.

 “Not only was Huppin’s our first retailer, but
they have continually expressed strong confidence in our ability to deliver
quality products and have stood behind us as a company and emerging brand,”
said Bonefant. “We want to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to
Huppin’s for the honor to get to work with such great people.”