Sony's Abary Defends Bravia `Active' 3DTVs

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San Diego, Calif. - Reacting to attacks on its 3DTV technology through LG Electronic's promotion of a recent consumer study and a corresponding newspaper advertising blitz this week, Sony Electronics Home Division senior VP Mike Abary said consumer actions speak louder than their alleged words.

Abary sent TWICE an email late Thursday afternoon rebutting LG's consumer study claims that 80 percent of viewers preferred passive glasses 3D technology to active-shutter (or active-lens as Sony calls it) technology.

"Customers are choosing with their wallets," Abary said, echoing a theme that Samsung senior VP John Revie also cited in defending his company's active-shutter 3DTVs from the same attack. "Active is outselling passive by over about 6 to 1 according to NPD May 2011 data."

Abary pointed out that Sony's active lens technology delivers the best and brightest 3D images available on the market.

"Especially important is that only our active shutter technology delivers HD in both 2D and 3D," Abary said. "Sony creates the highest performing 3D products for consumers."

"To view great 3D images you must start with great HD images," noted Abary. "Sony remains committed to 3D across all companies and product categories -- lens to livingroom."

LG issued the findings of a blind, head-to-head consumer study measuring preferences for LG's passive glasses 3DTVs against a Samsung active-shutter glasses-based 3DTV and separately against a Sony active-shutter set.

The study which was conducted for LG by Morpace research said that "more than three quarters of the respondents preferred LG Cinema 3D for the immersive 3D experience (78 percent), 3D effect (77 percent), overall picture quality (77 percent) and 3D glasses (78 percent)."

However, Samsung's Revie and Sony's Abary pointed to NPD retail sell-through numbers for last month showing that nearly 90 percent of 3D TV purchases were of the active-shutter variety.


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