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Sony Updates Memory Stick Lineup

San Diego, Calif. — Sony announced a new line of Memory Stick PRO flash media with increased read/write speeds and a new high capacity of 2GB.

The updated Memory Stick PRO (High Speed) media features capacities of up to 2GB in the standard-size media and up to 1GB in the Memory Stick PRO Duo media size. Both can support read/write speeds of up to 10MB per second.

The new Memory Sticks can also endure a greater range of temperatures, from –13 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Memory Stick PRO media in 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB capacities will ship in October for roughly $100, $170 and $350, respectively.

Sony will also ship its reduced-sized format, Duo, in 256MB ($105) and 512MB ($175) in October. 

In November, Sony will ship a 1GB PRO Duo card for $350 and a 2GB PRO card for $700.

Sony also announced new versions of its standard PRO media, cutting the price and improving its operating temperature range to mirror the new high speed cards.

In October Sony will ship a 256MB and 512MB PRO card for $80 and $150, respectively and a 256MB PRO Duo card for $85.

A 512MB PRO Duo card for $155 will ship in November.