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Sony Updates Action Cam With SW, Accessories

San Diego — Sony released a software update to its wearable point-of-view video camera models HDR-AS10 and HRD-AS15, allowing 1080/60p recording, and a range of accessory items also debuted.

Sony’s free software update is available for download at providing: PS Recording Mode (1,920 by 1080/60p); Water Mode, which adjusts white balance for water scenes; a beep-off setting; and PlayMemories Mobile seamless mode change (available in June) with quicker video uploading using the Smart Remote function. New action cam accessories include the following:

*a skeleton frame mount (AKA-SF1, $30) that allows the camera to be mounted to goggles, handlebars, etc., using a tripod screw and offering adjustment from the bottom, top and side;

*a dog harness mount (AKA-DM1, $45) that enables mounting on a dog to capture its point of view; it adjusts to fit medium to large breeds;

*a surfboard mount (AKA-SB1, $35) with an adhesive system that forms a watertight bond to surfboards, snowboards and kayaks and comes with a lanyard and two sets of the mount and leash;

*a wrist mount (AKA-WM1, $30) that lets users adjust their shooting angle for self-filming and simple recording; it works with the waterproof housing or new skeleton frame and enables 360-degree panning;

*A float mount (AKA-FL1, $15) that allows shooting from the water’s surface, preventing the action cam from sinking; it attaches to the tripod screw and includes a lanyard;

*a ball head (ADP-BH1, about $35) that adjusts the camera’s angle on mounts for more viewpoint options; and*

*a semi-hard carrying case (LCM-AKA1, $35), billed as being water-resistant and compact.

The accessories will be available in June and sold online at and at authorized retailers nationwide.