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Sony Trims PS2 In Japan

Tokyo — Sony said it will introduce a trimmed-down, lighter version of its PlayStation2 video game console in Japan later this month, but did not reveal marketing plans for other international markets.

The new PS2 features a built-in AC adaptor and weighs 25.4 ounces, down from 29.98 ounces on the combined weight of the previous version and its bulky external AC adaptor.

By removing the AC adapter from the power cord and reducing the weight, Sony hopes users will find the new console easier to move from room to room in the home.

Sony is launching the console in Japan on Nov. 22 at $140, the same price as the previous versions.

Despite its aggressive marketing efforts behind the next-generation PS3 game console, Sony continues to see strong sales from the PS2 due to its lower price and manufacturing costs, and its ample supply of video game titles.

Over its seven-year history, the PS2 has sold more than 120 million units worldwide for Sony, the company said.