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Sony Slashes PS2 Price To $99.99

Foster City, Calif. — Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) said Tuesday that it will cut the price of its PlayStation2 console $30, to $99.99, on April 1.

Sony said it sold more than 136 million PS2 units since the platform launched in 2000, making it “the most popular system in gaming industry history.”

More than 1,900 titles are available to play on the system.

The company’s latest console, the PlayStation3, has not fared as well, following in third place behind Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, ironically due in large part to its higher adoption price tag.

“PlayStation2 set the industry standard for worldwide mass-market adoption and is a clear embodiment of Sony’s commitment to platforms that deliver 10-year product lifecycles. It’s a tribute to outstanding technology, great consumer value and unprecedented development support that we’ve now been able to do twice what no one else has ever accomplished,” stated Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment’s president and CEO. “Demand for PlayStation2 remains strong throughout the world, and the new $99 price point will bring in new consumers who will discover how PlayStation platforms are an outstanding choice for their gaming and home entertainment needs.”

Sony said it will continue to support the PlayStation2 system with new titles.