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Sony Ships Second-Generation Digital Living System PC

New York — Sony has started shipping the second generation of its Digital Living System Media Center PC.

The XL2 Digital Living System is part of Sony’s effort started last year to place a PC system into a home’s living room. The unit features several improvements over its predecessor the XL1, which began shipping last November. The XL2 retains the two-component configuration with one housing the PC and the second a 200-disc changer. The new unit has an Intel VIIV processor; a 360GB hard drive, compared to the 200GB on the original model; an ATSC HDTV tuner; and a dual-format DVD burner in the PC component.

The two-component system carries a $2,699 suggested retail price; the XL1 was priced at $2,300 when it hit the market last year. Sony has also started selling the DVD/burner changer as a stand-alone product for $799 for consumers who already own a Media Center PC.