Sony Ships CycleEnergy Rechargeable Batteries

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Park Ridge, N.J. - Sony announced today that its line of CycleEnergy rechargeable AA and AAA batteries are now available.

The new introductions expand the family to three levels that are designated by the "drain" of the device's power consumption.

CycleEnergy batteries are positioned as a more environmentally friendly alternative since "a pre-charged Sony CycleEnergy Battery may last up to three times longer than an alkaline battery and can be charged 1,000 times, which is equivalent to 3,000 Alkaline batteries," the company said in a release. They also feature packaging that uses less plastic than previous packaging.

The first level in the line is the pre-charged 1000mAh battery, designed for use with "everyday" devices like remote controls. According to Sony, these batteries lasted 1.5 times longer than alkaline.

The second level, the pre-charged 2000mAh, is designed for devices that require consistent power, such as a clock radio. It reportedly lasts three times longer than alkaline batteries.

Finally, the CycleEnergy 2500mAh are meant for high-drain devices like digital cameras, Sony said, and will last five times longer than alkaline batteries.

Pricing is as follows:

·         four-packs of AA 1000mAh, $8.99;

·         four-pack of AA 2000mAh and 2500mAh, $15.99;

·         two-pack of AAA 800mAh, $8.99;

·         four-pack of AAA mAh, $15.99;

·         two-pack of AAA 900mAh (pre-charged), $8.99; and

·         four-pack of AAA 900mAh (pre-charged), $15.99.


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