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Sony Sets $719 Price On PSX System

Chiba, Japan – Sony Corp announced that it would launch its previously announced ‘PSX’ in Japan later this year at a minimum price of $727, according to wire reports.

The new PSX entertainment system, a beefed up PS2 video game console that integrates a DVD recorder/player, DVR and satellite TV tuner, will include a 160GB HDD capable of recording up to 204 hours of television, the company said. The company is also planning a 250GB version that would sell for about $910. Sony has not announced introduction plans for other markets.

Sony made the announcement at the same time that Nokia launched worldwide a new combination handheld video game player/cellphone/music player – called N-Gage ($299 suggested retail in the U.S.). Nokia plans to have 20 N-Gage games by the end of the year, price between $35-$70. Video game developers Electronic Arts, Eidos and Ubi Soft have thus far announced their support. Mad Catz Interactive said it will support the player with accessory products.

Sony, meanwhile, has said it plans to offer a portable video game/media player called the PSP at a price between $15 and $200 late next year.