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Sony’s Custom Division Adds HD-Video Distribution

San Francisco – Sony added multiroom high-definition video distribution for the first time to its custom-installation selection.

Here at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, the company unveiled the CAV-CVS12ES HD video-distribution component, which distributes high-definition (HD) video and standard-definition (SD) video to up to 12 zones throughout the house over CAT5e cable. The component integrates with the current CAV-M1000ES and CAV-M1000NR audio/video distribution components, which can be used with Sony’s optional in-wall controllers and custom-installed speakers.

Likewise, Sony added HD-video distribution for the first time to prepackaged custom-installed 7.1-channel home theater/multiroom-AV systems. The NHS-1040 and NHS-2040 prepackaged “rack” systems, which can be installed behind cabinets or in walls, distribute HD- and SD-video to up to seven zones. A third rack, the NHS-3040, distributes HD and SD video to up to 13 zones. All three ship in the third quarter.

The single-box CAV-CVS12ES component, which ships in September at a suggested $2,700, distributes video simultaneously from up to eight HD sources and four SD sources. It incorporates eight HD component-video inputs, each with up to 1080p resolution, and four composite-video inputs, each with upconversion to component video.

Video is transmitted over CAT5e wiring to a $129-suggested CAV-CVB1 Cat5e-to-component-video adapter, which in turn is connected to a display in a remote room. The CVS12ES also features IR and RS-232 ports for integration with whole-house control systems.

The three NHS home theater/multiroom-A/V systems are the company’s first with included Blu-ray disc players. At the top of the line, the NHS-3040 is a 7.1-channel HDMI home theater system that distributes HD and SD video to up to 13 zones, including the home theater zone. The system comes with an LCD touchpanel remote control in the home theater zone, 400-disc DVD/CD changer with two laser transports and disc-management system, 80GB music server, Blu-ray player, AM/FM/XM tuner, support for HD cable tuners and satellite settop boxes, and three auxiliary inputs. Content navigation is controlled through the LCD remote in the home theater room and through in-wall keypads in the remote zones.

The NHS-2040 and -1040 support up to a total of seven video zones and include a similar range of components, except for the lack of 400-disc changer in the NHS-1040.

All three systems are offered with optional TVs and optional custom-installed home theater and multiroom audio speakers.