Sony Reveals PlayStation Quake Collections

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Tokyo -

Sony Computer Entertainment

(SCEI) announced Friday new totals for cumulative emergency relief funds collected through the PlayStation Network as part of the Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Effort.

As a special gesture Sony has offered custom themes for the PlayStation3 system via its PlayStation Store to those who donated money through the network. Sony said worldwide PlayStation users' donations as of July 13 totaled 129.7 million yen (approximately $1.587 million).

North America, Europe/PAL territories and Asian countries and regions closed the effort on April 21. The total amount in each region reached to $425,644, 609,155 euros and 2,137,537 yen respectively.

The total amount in Japan as of July 13 reached to 23,300,700 yen. The full amount will be donated to an organization in each region supporting the relief and recovery efforts in communities affected by the earthquake; American Red Cross - Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund for North America, British Red Cross for Europe, and Central Community Chest of Japan known as the Red Feather Community Chest Movement for Japan and Asia.

The emergency relief effort started in the North America and Europe on March 19 and in Japan and Asia on March 24.


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