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Sony Prices Tablets At $499, $599

New York – Sony today
released pricing and availability on the Wi-Fi-equipped Sony Tablet S tablet

Sony also reported its
Tablet P models, which will be 4G and be available exclusively on the AT&T
network, will ship later this year. An exact date and pricing were not given.

The previously announced


became available for pre-order today and will be on store shelves next month.
The 16GB SGPT111US/S will carry a $499 suggested retail, with the 32GB SGPT112US/S
coming in at $599.

With the exception of the
amount of internal memory, the two models share the exact same specifications
and features.

Each is powered by a 1GHz
Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor and runs on Android 3.1. The screen is 9.4 inches
and the unit weighs 1.33 pounds. There is an SD card slot, single USB 2.0 port,
and front- (0.3-megapixel) and rear–facing (5-megapixel) cameras.

Bluetooth connectivity is standard, along with 802.11b/g/n.

Optional accessories include cradle, AC adapter, LCD screen
protector, carrying case and USB adaptor cable for Sony Tablet S devices, and a
rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter, LCD screen protector, carrying case and
detachable panels for Sony Tablet P devices. A Bluetooth keyboard is also
available for both models.

The Tablet P has a totally different industrial design. It
features two 5.5-inch screens that fold together, enabling it to be easily
carried, the company said. It will use the same processor, have Wi-Fi
capability and run the Android 3.2 operating system.

Sony believes four design features will help set off the S
tablets from the rest of the pack.

The ergonomic design is intended to make it comfortable to hold
for long periods of time by shifting the weight closer to the user’s palm.

The use of Sony’s Quick View and Quick Touch technologies will
expedite web page loading, and the virtual keyboard uses a full screen, making
typing easier, Sony said.

Sony is also hyping the networked entertainment available,
including Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited, PlayStation certified, Reader Store
and Personal Space by Sony. The last is a free service allowing photo and video
sharing between Sony tablets.