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Sony Prices PS3 At $499, $599

Sony set a November launch for its upcoming PlayStation 3 video game console, which will include two versions — one with a 20GB hard drive for $499 and a second 60GB version at $599 — during E3 show, here.

Both versions will support the Blu-ray Disc format for games and movies and will arrive on Nov. 17.

The North American release, which will coincide with the European and Australian launch, will follow the Nov. 11 launch in Japan.

Sony hopes to have 2 million units available for the North American market by Nov. 17, with an additional 2 million for the 2006 holiday, and a total of 6 million units available to consumers by March 31, 2007.

The PS3 will have also support for CD and DVD playback, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. At its press conference, here, Sony also demonstrated the device’s new game controller, which utilizes the same form factor of the PSone/PS2 controller. The wireless controller, which is lighter than the previous generation’s controllers, will also offer a new dimension of game play with six degrees of motion freedom. Announced titles for the PS3 include a mix of new games along with several established franchises, including Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Virtua Tennis 3, Tekken 5, Ridge Racer 7, Armored Core 4, NBA Live 07 and Madden NFL 07.