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New York - Move over Wii,


is preparing to enter the motion-controller market this fall, and by the look of a couple early-launch title previews for the East Coast press here this week, the powerful game platform may have come of age.

During a prelaunch demo event, Sony Computer Entertainments' developer team previewed three first-party launch titles that are expected to be popular with earlier purchasers of PlayStation 3: The Move kits that will bring full motion-sensing control to the gaming platform, via add-on wand-like accessories and PlaySation3's The Eye video camera that mounts on the top of a TV screen.

Playstation 3

Some configurations of the Move kits are expected to start at less than $100. A variety of bundled options are expected, though no details have been released as yet.

Sony is also expected to offer a bundled version of the PS3 console with the Move motion controllers and a game.

The handheld wands control onscreen action by using The Eye camera to monitor the movement of an RGB light-emitting diode shining through a soft bulb on the tip of the wand. The color of the LED light can be changed to any hue the player desires, and an included wrist strap on the wand protects players and equipment from accidental releases.

Sony said the system was designed to be more responsive and accurate than competitive gaming systems with motion-sensing attributes.

The company expects to have at least 20 first- and third-party titles adapted to the Move between the fall launch date and the end of the next fiscal year in March 2011.

Launch titles on display at the press demo included the following:


the fourth installment of Sony's popular shooter franchise, which is set in South East Asia in The Straits of Malacca, uses both the Move wand and a second hand-held "sub-controller." The latter is added for intuitive navigation of in-game characters and objects. The new game takes full advantage of the Move's precise motion and aiming attributes and enables trajectory calculations for arching the throw of a grenade or determining the location of enemy targets for called-in air strikes.

Move Party:

an assortment of motion-controlled party games, including an onscreen barbershop game where players give o-screen characters haircuts that match a constantly changing pattern, a shape-painting game where players rapidly outline and fill in various onscreen shapes, and a balloon-popping game featuring balloons that are actually land mines.

Sports Champion:

a collection of action games that includes table tennis, gladiator fighting, archery and volleyball, among others. One of the most physically active of the new games, Sports Champion requires players to literally move the controller like a racket, ball, weapon or other object.

Although none of the demonstrated games had any 3D attributes to take advantage of the PS3 system update that will bring 3D capability to the console, the capability was said to be in development and may be presented as an add-on patch for some titles going forward, though nothing official was announced to that effect.

Among other Move-compatible launch titles that have been announced to date are the following:

Third party titles: EA Sports Active 2.0; LOTR Aragorn's Quest; Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition; Tiger Woods 2011

First party titles: LittleBigPlanet, The Shoot, Motion Fighter, TV SuperStars, Eccentric Slider, Ape Escape, Brunswick Pro Bowling, Under Siege, Flower Eye, Pet Pain, High Velocity Bowling, Hustle Kings, Echochrome 2.

Although it is not part of the Move-enabled titles, Sony also previewed the upcoming E-rated Mod Nation Racers (due May 24), which is a cart-racing game that allows players to build their own racetrack courses in a variety of virtual exotic locations and to populate those environments in a wide variety of imaginative objects. The game will handle up to 12 online racers and will allow online contestants to vote on the most popular track creations, in addition to racing online.


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