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Sony, Logitech To Update Google TV Software

San Diego –

Sony Electronics

and Logitech said
Friday that their Google TV-powered products will soon be enhanced with new
Google TV 2.0 software that, among other things, will bring the Android Market
with hundreds of new app options to TV screens.

Sony will make the
update available by early next week to the Sony Internet TV powered by

Google TV

and the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray
Disc player, which were first introduced a year ago.


will make the software update
available to Logitech Revue set-top device owners in coming weeks.

Google TV 2.0
incorporates an upgrade from the current Android 2.1 platform to Android 3.1
Honeycomb, adding access to applications from the Android Market.

Android Market
will present users with the option of adding hundreds of additional apps,
including many designed and optimized for television.

The update is
expected to improve issues some users experienced around product setup and use,
which drew criticism from some reviewers at launch a year ago.

The products
suffered from a slower-than-expected adoption rate, prompting Logitech to make
a series of price cuts on the Ruvue, from the initial $299 asking price down to
$99 today.

The new update is
said to improve the user interface with a simpler and cleaner look, improved
performance, and better search functionality. It also provides more integration
with YouTube, which has proven to be one of the most popular applications on
the devices.

Also improved is
the integration with Android and iOS devices, like smartphones and tablets.

Among the improved
search capabilities is a new TV & Movies application finds relevant titles
from more than 80,000 movies and TV shows available on cable, satellite,
Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and programming services.

As for original
apps, Sony said it will include TrackID, which searches and identifies music
heard on television broadcasts, packaged media or streaming video.

Additionally, Sony
Select will deliver a curated collection, highlighting featured applications to
consumers in an easy-to-browse manner.

experiences are a pillar of Sony’s value to TV consumers and Sony Internet
Television powered by Google TV certainly brings ‘smart’ connectivity to the
highest level,” stated Steve Haber, Sony Electronics executive VP. “We very
much look forward to the possibilities the Android Market will create for
customers to personalize their experience. Users will enjoy the new features
that this update brings to their interactive engagement with home entertainment
programming, either through Sony Internet TVs or Bu-ray Disc players.”

The Android Market
will be continually updated with new apps.

Google is also planning
to support additional devices with Google TV 2.0 platform using new chipsets
from multiple hardware partners.