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Sony Launches PlayStationPlus For PS Vita

Tokyo – Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) said Wednesday that PlayStationPlus, the subscription gaming service package on PlayStationNetwork, will be available for PlayStationVita (PS Vita) starting in November.

At the same time, the company said it will start to deliver dedicated content for PlayStationMobile, delivering the PlayStation gaming on open operating system-based devices, through PlayStationStore on October 3.

Sony said PlayStation-oriented content will become available to a variety of popular mobile devices from other brands.

PlayStation Network for PS Vita will launch in nine countries including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia with more countries to follow.

Thirty new titles from SCE Worldwide and other third party developers spanning the adventure, action, puzzle, sports, and simulation, genres will be available at prices ranging from less than a dollar to about $11 (50 yen and 850 yen), including tax, the company said in a statement.

 Additional content will be released for PlayStationMobile as it becomes available, Sony said.

The company also revealed that Fujitsu and Sharp will join the PlayStation license program. Both Japanese manufacturers have significant market share positions in smartphones in Japan and other regions outside the U.S.

Meanwhile, Sony said it will make the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program, including the official version of PlayStation Mobile SDK, available to outside developers in November, rolling out in a phased manner in 11 countries and regions including Japan, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Mobile Developer Program will allow developers to distribute their content through the PlayStation Store on a commercial basis and market their games to users of PlayStation Certified devices including the PS Vita. The license agreement for the SDK is $99 annually.

Sony said it will further accelerate the expansion of PlayStation Certified devices and continue to collaborate with content developers to grow the PlayStation Mobile business.

By purchasing a PlayStation Plus membership on PlayStationStore, PS Vita owners will be able to play free games, receive discounts for select titles, and other benefits. A variety of PlayStation Plus subscription options will be available in each country and region, including a 30 day plan (Japan: 500 yen, Asia: HK $38), a 90 day plan (North America: $17.99, Europe: €14.99) and a 365 day plan (Japan: 5,000 yen, Asia: HK$233, North America: $49.99, Europe: €49.99).

PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners with existing PlayStation Plus memberships, as well as first time members through PS Vita, will be able to enjoy PlayStation Plus features and services on both PS3 and PS Vita systems at no additional cost.

Members will be able to play the full versions of designated content for PS Vita available on the PlayStation Store as long as the membership is effective, at no extra cost.

PS3 users who purchase a membership to PlayStation Plus for the first time will also receive access to PlayStation Plus services and features for PS Vita.

The lineup of games that will be offered and other details will be announced at a later date.

Members will have access to exclusive discounts on designated content for PS Vita.

Members will automatically or manually be able to upload game save data files for compatible games to Online Game Save Storage with 1GB of space on the PlayStation Network.

PS Vita will automatically download designated game demos and game updates, and also download system software updates.

PS Vita will automatically start up to download content and will enter standby mode after the download has completed.

PS Vita will automatically start up at a designated time to sync Trophy information with PlayStation Network servers.