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Sony Lauds Employees On Wildfire Performance

New York — Sony Electronics headquarters in San Diego was back in operation as of Oct. 29 after being closed the week of Oct. due to the wildfires in Southern California.

Eight Sony employees lost their homes and several others who rented homes experienced damage The company has 2,200 employees based there. While Sony states its headquarters is fireproof, it did sustain some environmental damage, a Sony spokesperson said.

Both Stan Glasgow, president of Sony Electronics, and Jay Vandenbree, president of Sony Electronics Consumer Sales Company, complimented their employees’ performance during the crisis during a media roundtable, held here today.

Vandenbree said, “It was amazing the number of employees, and not all managers mind you, that were able to communicate, keep shipments moving … even with dial-up in hotel rooms. It was amazing.”

Glasgow said, “Their performance was pretty special. With all that was going on with their own lives, we were able to run all of our businesses… from their homes. They hit their forecasts without [me] pushing anyone,” Glasgow said. “The Vaio factory” in the San Diego area “had to close but as of today we completed 95 percent of all open orders. They will be competed by this weekend. I am proud of the Sony family that they were able to pull through this very quickly.”