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Sony Intros Two New Photo Printers

Park Ridge, N.J. — Sony Electronics today introduced two new digital photo printers, the DPP-SV77 with an LCD display and the DPP-SV88 with CD-R/RW archiving functionality.

The DPP-SV88, shipping in October for about $800, and DPP-SV77, available in July for about $500, printers produce borderless, 4 x 6-inch dye sublimation photo prints at a rate of 90 seconds per print. Each photo is laminated with Super Coat 2 to protect it from fading, humidity and liquid splatters.

The printers feature the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) function, which automatically prints photos that have been earmarked for printing in a DPOF supported digital camera. These two models can print tethered to a computer via a USB connection or independently. Each has one dedicated slot for Memory Stick media and another for Type II PC cards, including SmartMedia and CompactFlash.

With a built-in 3.2-inch color LCD monitor, users can view, edit and enlarge images on the DPP-SV77 printer’s fold-up screen, without connecting to a PC or television monitor. Because the color LCD is touch-sensitive, most operations can be performed directly on-screen with the supplied stylus.

In addition to image selection and editing, the stylus is used for free-hand drawing with different line weights and colors, as well as a text editing and novelty stamp function tool to help create captions and drawings on the final finished photo.

The DPP-SV88 digital photo printer will feature digital image filing and management. The printer’s self-contained CD-R/RW drive allows users to transfer images from flash media to CD-R or CD-RW discs with the touch of a single button.

The DPP-SV88 printer can display images by connecting to a television monitor containing a video-in port. The included video-in port also allows the capture of still frames directly from an analog or digital videotape source by simply connecting a compatible camcorder to the unit. The printer also comes with a wireless remote control to modify and view pictures from afar.

The DPP-SV88 offers the same editing and printing functions as Sony’s DPP-SV55 digital photo printer, including resize, crop, color balance and effect application.