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Sony Hosts ‘Read-In’

San Diego — Sony is launching a “Reader Revolutionaries” program today in conjunction with National Book Month as part of an effort to help consumer experience reading on its Reader Digital Book firsthand.

The company kicked off the “extended read-in” program this morning by having speed-reader Dave Farrow, who has won two world records in memory, served as a designated reader in the storefront of Datavision, an independent New York retailer. According to Sony, Farrow will read digital books on the Reader around the clock for 30 days and the company will provide an eBook library of 100 classic titles to a school or learning institution for each page he reads.

The company said it has a goal to give 15 million eBook titles by the end of the program. Also, the first 100 schools to start downloading their selected titles will received an education pack of five Reader Digital Books.

Consumers will be able to view Farrow’s progress online at or in person by visiting Datavision, located at Fifth Avenue and 39th Street in New York.

They can participate in the program by volunteering in-store to be a relief reader when Farrow is on a break. According to Sony, various celebrities, authors and local dignitaries will step in to relieve Farrow throughout the month.

The program will run through the month of October and beyond at various retail outlets and special events around the country.