Sony, Hitachi, LG Pass P&P Tests


Louisville, Colo. – The CableLabs, the cable television industry standards and testing organization, said digital cable TV plug-and-play products from three digital television (DTV) manufacturers have passed the Joint Test Suite (JTS) tests for verifying unidirectional digital cable products.

Uni-directional products from Sony, Hitachi, and LG Electronics/Zenith passed CableLabs’ verification panel. Under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plug-and-play rules, manufacturers must have their first DTV model tested at either CableLabs or at a qualified test facility.

The testing is performed to show compliance with the JTS that was mutually agreed to by certain consumer electronics manufacturers and cable operators.

The verification panel comprises senior technical experts from the cable companies.

After receiving verification, manufacturers may self-verify DTVs for compliance with the agreed tests, in accordance with the FCC rules.

The FCC rules require manufacturers to ensure all subsequent models comply with the tests. The manufacturer must maintain records indicating compliance and must submit documentation to CableLabs, verifying compliance for each self-verified model.

Verification indicates that the DTVs have shown compliance with the JTS, but does not certify conformance with all applicable specifications, FCC rules, intellectual property licenses or any other legal requirements for uni-directional cable products.


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