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Sony Ericsson Adds To U.S. Assortment

Research Triangle Park, N.C. – Sony Ericsson is adding to its planned North American selection with its second megapixel camera phone, second EDGE-equipped phone, and a next-generation PDA-phone that adds a QWERTY keyboard.

All are GSM-network models.

The EDGE-equipped S710a, the company’s second North American EGDE phone, is also Sony Ericsson’s second North American megapixel camera phone. The 1.3-megapixel S710a will be available to consumers sometime later this year. The company’s first EDGE phone, the Z500, is due in September or October, and its first megapixel phone, the 1.3-megapixel GSM/GPRS S700, is due by the end of the year.

The P910 PDA phone, based on the Symbian v7.0 OS, is the company’s first PDA phone with a QWERTY keyboard, a mini-size keyboard that supplements an onscreen virtual keyboard and handwriting recognition. It also adds 264K color screen instead of 64K screen for a 60-percent brighter display, and its internal memory increases to 64MB from 48MB. It operates in the 850/1800/1900MHz bands instead of its predecessor’s 900/1800/1900MHz.

The company also unveiled its third camera phone with “dual-front” design. The K500 looks like a digital camera on one side and a phone on the other.