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Sony Delays 1st Blu-ray Disc Titles

Los Angeles — Sony Pictures Home Entertainment officially announced that it has delayed its originally scheduled May 23 release date for its first Blu-ray Disc movie titles — changing it to June 20, five days before the scheduled launch of the industry’s first Blu-ray Disc player from Samsung.

The home video company said the release was ready to begin as planned on May 23, but retailers and distributors had requested the release be rescheduled to better coordinate with the launch of Samsung’s Blu-ray Disc player on June 25.

Samsung originally planned to ship its $999.95 suggested retail player on May 23, but delayed it a month to ensure adequate quality control and software compatibility.

Sony’s initial Blu-ray Disc releases will include: “A Knight’s Tale,” “50 First Dates,” “Hitch,” “House of Flying Daggers,” “Resident Evil Apocalypse,” “The Fifth Element,” “The Last Waltz,” “Underworld Evolution” (which ships day and date with the DVD), and “XXX.”

Warner Home Video, which has already shipped some titles for the rival HD DVD format, is expected to ship its first Blu-ray Disc items around the same time as Sony, although no firm dates or titles have been disclosed.