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Sony Brings eWrap To UltraViolet Movies

Culver City, Calif. – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment launched Tuesday a virtual e-wrap for UltraViolet movies and TV shows given as gifts.

Ready for the holidays, the Movie eWrap service will be available at the Sony Pictures Gift Store ( to allow shoppers to purchase and gift any of the nearly 500 UltraViolet digital movies available in the Sony Pictures Store.

The service is compatible with tablets and computers and is optimized for touchscreen interfaces. Gift recipients swipe a finger or click a mouse across an on-screen wrapped gift to virtually “tear off” the paper to reveal the UltraViolet digital movie.

Movies available for UltraViolet playback on multiple devices, include classics such as “Lawrence of Arabia” or recent releases including “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Men in Black 3” and “Arthur Christmas.”

The Sony Pictures Gift Store also features a “Gift-Finder” function, which intelligently sources the best titles to give any friend or family member based on a dynamic combination of criteria selected such as release date, genre, and box-office performance.

Sony Pictures Gift Store and Movie eWrap are optimized for use on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS computers along with Android and iOS handheld devices.