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Sony Bows Latest Digital Voice Recorders

Las Vegas — Sony recently bowed its 2007 lineup of digital voice recorders.

Among the six models slated to ship in the spring are products designed to meet a variety of needs including PC-related functions like converting voice to text and creating MP3 files for broadcasting, or for more traditional uses like taking notes and playing them back without a PC.

The ICD-SX57 and ICD-SX57DR9 models each feature slim. aluminum-body styles and offer up to 256 MB of flash memory and more than 90 hours of recording time in the long play mode. Both come with a USB port to transfer files to a PC. The models offer a triple microphone array and five recording modes so users can choose their preferred sound quality and recording time.

According to Sony, the models will automatically stop recording during silent pauses and reactivate when speaking resumes to conserve recording time and eliminate gaps in the recording.

A back-lit dot-matrix LCD screen shows the record level and will also display the MP3 ID3-tag if the user uploads music content. Users can choose to set the recording level to the automatic gain control mode for traditional dictation uses or they can set it manually for special situations.

Both models are compatible with Nuance Communications’ Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech-recognition software, for converting voice to text. The ICD-SX57DR9 model comes bundled with the software.

The ICD-SX57DR9 model comes equipped with rechargeable batteries and a USB docking station that automatically recharges batteries when the device is connected to a PC and simplifies the process of transferring recordings.

The ICD0SX57 is expected to retail for approximately $200 and the ICD-SX57DR9 is expected to be available for around $250.

To meet the needs of Internet or amateur radio broadcaster, Sony is offering the ICD-P520 and ICD-P350F digital voice recorders. Each model offers up to 256 MB of flash memory and up to 130 hours of recording time in the long play mode.

Both models include Sony’s new Digital Voice Editor Version 3.0 software, making it possible to transfer files to a PC and to create .

The ICD-P530F also features a built-in FM tuner with 25 presets.

The ICD-P520 will retail for approximately $70 and the ICD-P530F will be available for approximately $80.

Finally, for those users looking to record without using a PC to store the files, Sony will release its ICD-B500 and ICD-B510F voice recorders. The models feature up to 256 MB of flash memory and provide up to 150 hours of recording time in long play mode.

The products’ bodies each feature an LCD screen, single-function buttons and a 250-milliwatt speaker output. The ICD-B510F also comes with a built-in FM tuner with 25 presets.

Both models are packaged with two AAA batteries, and they will retail for about $50 for the ICD-B500 and $60 for the ICD0B510F.