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Sony A/V Deck Offers 1,080p At Low Price

Sony is introducing the STR-DA5200ES due in October at about $1,500, which is the lowest priced A/V receiver announced to date with HDMI 1,080p up-scaling. It uses Faroudja’s newest DCDi 1,080p chip, called Cortez Advanced.

Another new receiver, the STR-DA3200ES, features 1,080p pass-through. It is due in this month at about $900. Both are in the upper end ES series.

The 1,080p-upscaling 5200ES offers a high-definition (HD) icon-based, vs. text-based, graphical user interface (GUI) for day-to-day operation and set-up. The GUI appears on screen while high-definition video plays in the background. The GUI can be displayed on-screen in HD through either the HDMI or component connections and in standard definition via composite or S-video connections.

The unit feature Faroudja’s Cortez processor which up-scales any source connected in any manner while applying color correction and time-based correction, the company said. The chip also supports picture-in-picture, second room/source monitoring, down-conversion of the image for multi-zone functions, and support for surveillance.

The 7×120-watt receiver is XM-ready, features Neural Surround decoding of Neural-encoded XM and FM broadcasts, and offers a USB input to play music from flash-based MP3 players. Sony’s Advanced Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (DCAC) technology adjusts for speaker placement, angle, distance and delay in 30 seconds. Memory for three listening positions is available and can be selected via remote or on-screen menu.

The 7×120-watt STR-DA3200ES features 1,080p switching, XM input, Neural processing, and DCAC technology.