Sony Assesses Flood Damage To Camera Biz


San Diego - A Sony Electronics representative in the U.S. said Thursday that the company's Thailand subsidiary is still trying to fully assess the damage that has been caused to its digital camera business by the recent floods there.

According to some reports, the company postponed launches of some new products due to disruptions to cameras and component supplies damaged in the flooding of Sony Technology Thailand - Ayutthaya.

But according to an official statement acquired from Sony's U.S. marketing team, "Operations of our factory in Thailand have been temporarily suspended due to flooding, supply chain and transportation difficulties.  We're currently investigating the impact to overall supply chain and product launch timing."

Floods reportedly forced Sony to shut production at two of its three units in Thailand.

Other camera makers, including giant Nikon, also have camera production and component suppliers in Thailand, but have also not commented on the impact to their operations or marketing plans.

The Japanese manufacturers appear to be suffering a double whammy, after flooding in Fukushima, Japan, disrupted production of cameras and component parts earlier in the year.

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