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Sony Announces PSX Combo System

Tokyo – Sony announced plans for a new PlayStation game system, called PSX, that is to combine a game player, DVD recorder and TV tuner in a single device, according to published reports.

The device will play games, pictures and music using advanced semiconductor technology, and will record videos to either DVD discs or a built-in hard-drive, Sony reportedly announced.

The news came within two weeks of Sony’s announcement at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) that it would introduce prior to the 2004 Holidays its first portable game player, called PSP.

The company, however, did not indicate that the PSX combo player would employ a new ‘PlayStation 3’ gaming platform, meaning to the multifunctional device would likely continue to use the same gaming technology used in its current PlayStation 2 consoles.

Sony plans to first launch the PSX in Japan by the end of this year as a system combining a built-in hard drive and satellite TV tuner. Versions of it would then roll out to the European and U.S. markets sometime in 2004.

Sony still enjoys market-leading sales status on its PlayStation 2 system, and is only just about to start earning profits on that system’s extensive development costs.

The announcement follows Sony’s biggest quarterly net loss in more than eight years. That report prompted Sony to issue a warning that operating profit for the year could plunge to a nine-year low next March.