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Sony Announces CF Pricing, New Memory Stick Movie Pack

San Diego — Sony will update its Memory Stick Entertainment Pack bundle next month.

The new pack will bundle a 2GB or 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo card and a launcher DVD containing the movies “Click,” “Ghost Rider,” “RV” and “Stomp the Yard.” When consumers place a DVD into the computer, they can transfer one of the four movies onto the memory card and view them on a PlayStation3 or PSP.

The 2GB pack will retail for a suggested $55, while the 4GB version will carry a $90 retail price.

The company will also ship 2GB and 4GB Memory Stick Micro cards to dealers this month for $55 and $90, respectively.

Lastly, Sony announced pricing for its

previously announced

300x speed CompactFlash cards. A 4GB card will retail for a suggested $119 while the 8GB card will retail for $199.