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Sonos Integrates Music Playback From iOS Devices

Santa Barbara, Calif. – Sonos has integrated the playback of music stored on Apple’s mobile devices into its wireless multiroom-audio system.

Thanks to an updated Sonos-controller app for Apple devices running the new iOS 6 operating system, consumers will be able to stream music stored on their iPod, iPhone or iPad to multiple Sonos tabletop speakers throughout the house over Sonos’s dedicated wireless network, which delivers music in sync among rooms in high quality without dropouts, the company said.

Previously, consumers could stream music from an Apple mobile device to Sonos speakers, but each speaker had to be connected to Apple’s $99 AirPlay-equipped AirPort Express Wi-Fi accessory.

Like before, the controller app controls a Sonos system, directing up to five different songs at a time from a Sonos-networked PC to different Sonos speakers in the house. With the upgraded app, users can also stream a song from their Apple device to one or more speakers at a time. The app also mixes tracks from music streaming services, a PC library, and the libraries of multiple mobile devices into a que, or playlist, for playback.

Up to 32 iOS devices can be connected at a time to a Sonos network to contribute songs to a queue, and multiple iOS devices can contribute simultaneously to different playlists to be played in different rooms.