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Sonance Expands Two Of Its Speaker Series

Sonance expanded its selection of custom-installed speakers in its Visual Performance series and Architectural series at CEDIA Expo, here.

Sonance also revamped its Cinema series of in-wall home theater speakers and simplified the installation and performance of its Invisible series of custom speakers.

In its booth, the company highlighted its expanded Visual Performance series of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, which feature narrow bezels to reduce their visual impact.

With the expansion, the series gets its first single-speaker stereo model (in square and round versions), its first in-wall LCR and surrounds for home theaters, and its first outdoor weather-resistant model, intended for under-eave mounting. In addition, the series is growing to include its first woofers, available in square, round and rectangular passive models to supplement the bass output of the series’ smallest speakers.

Sonance also expanded its Architectural series, whose speakers lack bezels and whose grilles mount flush to the plane of the wall or ceiling for a near-invisible look.

To this series of square, rectangular and round speakers, the company is adding the first single-speaker stereo model (round), first thin-line shallow-depth models for multiple dwelling units and the European market, and the series’ first powered subwoofer. The powered band-pass subwoofer, whose enclosure is intended for in-ceiling mounting, pumps out bass from its single 8-inch driver through an in-ceiling vent. The vent’s optional square and round grilles are as small as 4 inches. The subwoofer comes with 150-watt amp and delivers bass down to 35Hz.

In revamping its Cinema series of in-wall home theater speakers, Sonance brought the narrow-bezel design of its Visual Performance series to the Cinema series for the first time. The company also brought integrated back boxes to the series for the first time. The series consists of two LCR models and two dipole surrounds.

In its Invisible series, the company said it upgraded performance and ease of installation. The three models in the series couple flat-panel planar tweeter and midrange with a cone woofer, all covered by a flat radiating surface that butts up against drywall to become part of the wall itself.