Sonance Cuts Ribbons In New Series

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Sonance is positioning its new Silhouette in-wall speakers as audiophile-quality primary speakers with narrow decor-friendly baffles that are only 7.75 inches wide.

Designed initially with ribbon drivers and displayed for the first time at last year's CEDIA Expo, the three Silhouette models have been redesigned to use only dynamic drivers, said sales director Kent Sheldon. The new three-way design boosts power-handling capacity, deepens frequency response, and improves off-axis response.

The three-way models use either multi-element woofers or multi-element midranges, depending on the model. All use cones manufactured from non-aluminum metal-composite material.

Three speakers priced at $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000 per pair will ship in July. The $3,000 pair, which will be demonstrated at HiFi '99, is 48.25 inches tall and delivers bass response down to about 35Hz. The top-end model, which is 66.25 inches tall, will go down to 30Hz.

Sheldon called the models "audiophile-quality products that will meet expectations for primary loudspeakers."

Sonance's L-R in-wall speaker pairs top out at $2,500 per pair for its Cinema Two THX-Ultra-certified models.


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