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‘Son Of Kindle’ Coming Soon From Amazon?

CUPPERTINO, CALIF. – is widely believed to be developing a fuller range of proprietary hardware to broaden its line of e-readers and tablets, and an AmazonBasics accessories line.

As part of our Amazon Special Report beginning on p. 12, TWICE heard work is purportedly been underway at Lab126, Amazon’s R&D subsidiary located here in Apple’s backyard, and the place where Kindle was born.

The proprietary hardware may include a video set-top box, an audio-streaming device and retinatracking 3D smartphones – to further leverage its vast collection of digital content.

The e-tailer declined to discuss its in-house hardware plans with TWICE, but described Lab126 as “an inventive research and development company that designs and engineers high-profile, portable, handheld consumer electronics products” that are easy to use and feature wireless connectivity and tightly integrated digital technologies.

If that leaves any doubt as to its direction, the facility’s vision statement makes it abundantly clear. Its stated goal: “To make available in less than 60 seconds every book ever written in any language, in print or out of print; and [to] bring the same easeof- use, deep integration and superior selection of content to movies, TV shows, music, magazines, apps, games, and more.”

Lab126 currently lists 23 pages of job openings, mostly for engineers with expertise in product design, hardware development, displays, camera and sensor systems, wireless technology, antenna design, software, and field testing.