Solus Bringing H-PAS Bass Technology To Custom Speakers

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Solus/Clements Loudspeakers is coming to the CEDIA Expo to unveil the industry’s first in-wall and in-ceiling speakers incorporating its H-PAS bass-extension technology, promoted as delivering targeted bass performance with 50 percent smaller cabinets, smaller drivers and lower costs.

The company will also expand its selection of inroom speakers with the technology, which was developed by Souls/Clements and also appears in-room speakers made by Atlantic Technology.

Atlantic is licensing the technology to other companies, and several licensing deals have already been concluded, said Solus/Clements president Phil Clements.

H-PAS, which stands for Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System, combines elements of bass-reflex, inverse- horn and transmission-line speaker technologies to pressurize and accelerate low frequencies. H-PAS is promoted as breaking what the companies have called “the iron law of loudspeaker design,” which law states that among three key goals of speaker design — deep bass, compact enclosures and good efficiency — two must be selected at the expense of the third.

Licensees of H-PAS technology are developing their own custom speakers with the technology, but Solus/ Clements is the first out of the gate and will be the only company with H-PAS custom speakers at the show, Clements said. The company’s models ship in mid- December at prices that haven’t been finalized.

The custom speakers consist of the SX-4.0 in-wall/ on-wall speaker, the SX-4.0 IC in-ceiling speaker, the SX-4.0 CC center channel and the three-channel SX- 4.0 in-wall/on-wall LCR, all with back boxes and ability to deliver bass down to 40Hz or 42Hz with a 3dB downpoint, depending on the model, Clements said.

All models are two-way models featuring one or more 4-inch woofers. The SX-4.0 in-wall/on-wall features 1-inch silk soft-dome tweeter and 4-inch woofer in an enclosure measuring 23.8 inches by 8.5 inches by 4 inches. It’s designed for use with flat-panel TVs with screen sizes of 46 inches and larger. The SX-4.0 CC center channel is 8.5 inches by 48 inches by 4 inches and features a 1-inch silk soft-dome tweeter flanked on each side by a 4-inch woofer, each in its own enclosure.

The in-ceiling speaker and the three-channel SX-4.0 LCRs are the same size as the center channel. The LCR’s left and right channels are each in their own enclosures like the SX center channel.

The in-ceiling speaker features 1-inch tweeter and 4-inch woofer, and the three-channel LCR features a two-way driver complement for the left and right channels and two three-inch full-range drivers for the center channel. H-PAS technology is used only on the LCR’s left-right channels.

When installed in-wall, the speakers will be flush with the wall and use a “minimal flange” that might be around 0.25 inch wide, Clements said.

Final product designs might change depending on feedback at the show, Clements said.

To go with the main speakers, the company will also launch the SX 12DT 12-inch powered subwoofer, which doesn’t include H-PAS and is tuned for use with the company’s other H-PAS speakers when one vent is opened to deliver bass from HZ on down. It can be used with non-H-PAS speakers with both vents open.

“Using the SX system satellites, which are strong down to 45Hz, is like having four to six additional tightsounding subs placed around the room with dynamic bass in the 40-80Hz frequencies,” said Clements. “Bringing in the sub properly from 40Hz down makes it disappear even more in the room, complementing the tight, dynamic sound of the satellites.”

In in-room H-PAS speakers, the company is adding the 6.5T Tower and 5.25B bookshelf speaker to its Classic series. The Classic H-PAS 6.5T Tower features 6.5-inch woofer in a cabinet with less than 1.5 cubic feet of internal volume. The cabinet exterior is 40 inches by 7.9 inches by 11.9 inches. The speaker is rated at 90dB sensitivity with 1m/2.83v input and delivers bass down to 34Hz -3dB and 27Hz -6dB.

The Classic H-PAS 5.25B two-way bookshelf features internal cabinet volume of only 0.58 cubic feet with a 5.25-inch woofer delivering bass down to 39Hz -3dB and 32Hz -5dB.

“At low or high levels, the full spectrum of sound presented is as if being there with the musicians in the room. Users are amazed at such high-performance delivered in a footprint a little over half a square foot. Yet it is important to note that with H-PAS, this performance can be obtained with any midrange receivers and amplifiers, not having to break the bank for power.”


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