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Solid-State Drive Shipments To Double

El Segundo, Calif. — Worldwide shipments and the adoption of solid-state drives (SSD) is expected to more than double this year, according to IHS.

The research firm reported SSD shipments will likely rise to 83 million units in 2013, up from 39 million last year. This trend will continue, with 239 million SSDs shipping by 2016, at which point this storage technology will comprise about 40 percent of the hard-drive market. The report includes both stand-alone SSD hard drives and SSD used as a cache mechanism in conjunction with a disk-based hard drive.

IHS credited this growth to the expected increase in sales of lower-cost Ultrabooks and other laptops with ultra-thin form factors.

Also boosting the SSD are falling NAND flash-memory prices, more interest from the enterprise sector and consumer computer enthusiasts.