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Solekai Develops UltraViolet Testing

San Diego –

Solekai Systems

said Tuesday that it is providing new testing equipment and procedures for
consumer electronics manufacturers to implement the forthcoming UltraViolet
virtual content locker that will enable purchasing videos for playback on
multiple complying devices.

 Solkai is working with the
Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), an open, cross-industry
consortium of more than 70 companies working on UltraViolet. The DECE will work
on licensing and certifying devices that will be compliant with software
encoded to enable the UltraViolet system.

Solekai said it is acting “in an advisory capacity in the design
of the UltraViolet Compliance Verification Program,” while designing and
creating a set of accompanying verification suites and test tools for the
UltraViolet ecosystem.

Set to launch this fall, UltraViolet is designed to let consumers
purchase and collect movies and TV shows in a variety of formats and from a
wide array of outlets. The ecosystem will combine the benefits of Cloud access
with and open standard for multiple content services and device brands to work
interchangeably with a purchased software title

So, for example, a consumer could purchase an UltraViolet enabled
Blu-ray Disc title and have the right to view that same title through a
streaming Cloud service on a mobile handheld device for no extra charge.

The tests will be left to each UltraViolet licensee to administer
and pass. The DECE will have the right to revoke its certification if the
equipment is found to fail the compliance test in the field.

In July, DECE announced the deployment of the licensing program
and technical specifications, and initial licensees are now integrating and
testing the UltraViolet digital rights locker system, which DECE will operate
as a shared cloud resource.

Authorization to view the title on various devices on through
differing services is determined through a Cloud-based centralized content

Solekai said it will be developing for the DECE a set of Common
File Format (CFF) generation and verification tools.

The UltraViolet CFF file format is designed to be used for
downloads and streaming, allowing consumers to share content files directly
among multiple brands of registered apps/devices, even as they may run
different UltraViolet-compliant Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems.

The CFF-formatted content can be encoded and encrypted by content
providers once, and then be played by consumers across wide a range of multiple
platforms, creating a highly efficient and streamlined alternative to today’s
vertical distribution electronic sell through (EST) systems.

Solekai Systems will discussing its role with the DECE at the IBC
Show Sept. 8-14.