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Solar Power Backpack Charges CE Devices

A solar-powered backpack prototype has been developed by ICP Solar Technologies, based here, which is teaming with portable storage maker Seapower Manufacturing to bring the product to market.

ICP, in integrating its flexible thin-film photo-voltaic technologies into the Seapower backpack, has created a backpack that will allow users to connect and charge portable electrical and digital consumer electronics devices in one convenient and fully integrated package.

Strategically mounted panels on the backpack are pre-wired, providing solar power for individual CE devices for charging or immediate consumption.

ICP said its prototype is an example of the “extraordinary commercial potential for its flexible solar technology in the world of mobile personal gear.” Combined with integrated charge control and optional battery/charger systems, the backpack can provide the convenience of back-up and always-on, on-demand small-scale solar electrical power.